A Chopping Block & More

We have many designs to choose from.  There is something for everyone.  All shapes and colors are just $20.00 + shipping.

The Pineapple.  As the international symbol of hospitality, the pineapple is one of our best sellers.

The Apple.  A traditional gift with a twist is fun for teachers.

The Heart.  Show your love for someone, even yourself, year round.

The Rooster.  A country classic loved by many.

The Dog.  All dog lovers will appreciate this pattern.

The Elephant.  Made for all of the collectors out there.

The Seahorse.  A beautiful addition to any ocean theme.

The Turtle.  Who doesn't love a turtle.

The Crab.  A fun board for serving and cutting.

The Fish.  A fine catch for the fisherman in you.

The Whale.  It is a "whale" of a catch.

Another dog, Dog lovers love their breeds.

The cat, you can't have two dogs and no cat.

The Frog.  Ribbit

The soft, soft whisper of a butterfly.

The Puzzle Piece.  1 in 110 many of us are touched by Autism.

The Wine bottle for all of you wine lovers out there.

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